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Unlock your research group's full potential by harnessing collective knowledge. Trigger innovation through the Imaranda way of conducting discussions.
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Imaranda is built by researchers for researchers

We understand the importance of innovation and new ideas; our app is built to enable this.
Imaranda powers innovation at
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Foster Collective Clarity and Research Insights

We understand how difficult it is to formulate ideas that create break throughs. Imaranda was created to assist you in this pursuit

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Transform Discussions into Tangible Outcomes

Research is a multifaceted endeavour, its very easy to loose track of discussions. With Imaranda you can drive your discussions to results

Maximize Your Research Team's Time Resources

Imaranda boards are designed for research teams, offering a proven time-saving solution by streamlining discussions and collaboration.

Empower Your Research with AI Assistance, So You Can Concentrate on the Essential Work

Our AI supports you on every step, from providing assistance by asking the right questions to creating focus areas and structure in the discussions

Start Innovating Without Delay

Imaranda is easy to use and your team can start discussing topics and driving results on it within a matter of minutes

"I like how seamless we make progress on some of our research questions with Imaranda, even with all the other work at the clinic"
Medical researcher, Tuebingen University Hospital
"As a research group it's great how Imaranda works with our weekly meetings. I feel we just profit more from each other's thoughts."
Senior researcher, University of Tuebingen

So how does it work

add a question and relevant context → start discussing and reach results

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Do you have a research question or topic that needs a team discussion?

Creating a research discussion board on Imaranda is straightforward. You can start with a single question or include specific details and objectives as needed. Inviting your research team is quick and easy

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Have you been invited to a discussion, and have limited time?

Add your thoughts exactly where they fit, no more dropping/reading a wall of text at the end. Don't worry about wasting time here: imaranda will guide you whenever you want. No need to worry about structuring your comments, Imaranda will do it for you. Work in your own time, and make the most out your team’s collective knowledge