19. December 2023

Introducing Imaranda's New Linear View: A Fresh Perspective for Enhanced Collaboration

In our ongoing commitment to refining and improving the Imaranda experience, we are excited to unveil a significant addition to our platform – the all-new Linear View. Based on valuable feedback from our users, we recognized the need for a more flexible and familiar approach to discussions. The result is a feature that empowers users with the freedom to choose how they engage within Imaranda.

Advantages of the Linear View

1. Familiarity Meets Functionality

One of the key advantages of the Linear View is its familiar look and feel, aligning seamlessly with existing collaboration tools. We understand that transitioning between platforms can sometimes be a challenge. Imaranda's Linear View is designed to bridge that gap, providing users with an interface that feels intuitive and recognizable, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience.

2. Simplicity Redefined

Simplicity is a core principle of effective collaboration. The Linear View introduces a straightforward and easy-to-navigate design, catering to users who may perceive this format as simpler to understand and use. This enhanced simplicity does not compromise functionality; instead, it optimizes the user experience, making Imaranda even more accessible to teams of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

3. Unleash Your Flexibility

We understand that every team collaborates differently. Imaranda's Linear View offers users the flexibility to switch between Linear and Network views effortlessly. Whether you're a fan of the holistic perspective provided by the Network View or prefer the structured, linear format, Imaranda adapts to your collaboration style. Now you have the power to choose the view that suits your workflow at any given moment.

How to Try the Linear View

Discovering the benefits of Imaranda's Linear View is simple. Just log in to your Imaranda account and navigate to any ongoing discussion. You'll find the option to switch between Linear and Network views at your fingertips. Experiment with both views, explore their advantages, and find the style that resonates best with your team's collaboration needs.

Embrace the Change, Elevate Your Collaboration

We invite all Imaranda users to embrace this evolution in discussion views. Try out the Linear View and experience a fresh perspective on collaboration. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping Imaranda, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on this new feature. Together, let's continue to build Imaranda into a platform that meets the diverse needs of collaborative teams.

At Imaranda, we believe that effective collaboration should be tailored to fit your team's unique style. The introduction of the Linear View is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the tools you need to succeed. Thank you for being part of the Imaranda community, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with our new Linear View!

Empower Your Team. Evolve Your Discussions. Explore Imaranda's Linear View Today. Here is the link to the app: Try it now