18. November 2022

Our vision with Imaranda

Are meetings the best way to find answers to difficult questions? Not if you have Imaranda.

After years of working with different collaboration tools - Slack / Teams / Twist for communication, Notion / Confluence for documentation, Miro / Lucid / Mural / Invision for brainstorming and workshopping - we realized that none of these tools offered a truly asynchronous experience for our teams. The amount of time that had to be invested to get everyone on the same page, and share information that was siloed within individuals’ minds / experiences just seemed crazy. The problem was even more pronounced in remote teams, where people could collaborate only in an online setting and had team members spread across multiple time zones. This lack of a tool to foster effective asynchronous collaboration motivated us to create Imaranda.

Imaranda is a tool that helps gather and consolidate information from your team. It's a shared surface for discussions, much more than your average digital whiteboard. Imaranda boards make sure that you do not have to waste time in structuring information and making it understandable, it does it automatically for you. The boards are powered by an AI which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make sure your discussions are understandable for each team member, without needing lengthy explanations. The easy to use interface will not bother you with an overload of options to make your inputs look prettier, it will rather help you provide inputs which are actionable and comprehensible. The overall experience that Imaranda provides is a hybrid between a whiteboard and a discussion forum.

We at Imaranda imagine a future where people do not have to struggle with back and forth discussions and information gathering. We believe people (and teams) perform better when they have full contexts, and no (or as little as possible) frustrations. The vision of Imaranda is to make teams stronger than ever by creating a clear shared understanding of their common missions.